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[kun-nekt] • verb
to unite or bind

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[moh-bul-layz] • verb
to put into movement

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[us-cheev] • verb
to carry out successfully

Boundless Impact: Building Human Bridges by Breaking Down Boundaries.

BI-4CoCreation-400Boundless Impact supports global leadership and engagement initiatives across commerce, education, civic and faith sectors to ensure NC excels in an interconnected world.

In this rapidly changing global economy, old boundaries don’t work anymore. Emerging winners work across sectors, cultures and borders as part of a global business eco-system, each with knowledge, experience and networks to share and help transform our region into a leader in the world marketplace.

We connect globally-minded business, education and public sector leaders to share best practices, mobilize resources and talent to create solutions that achieve measurable impact.

Partner with us in creating a more vibrant and thriving North Carolina that is inclusive, diverse and globally engaged.